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    The wind whipped through Dakota's hair until she could barely see.  It did not matter to her, the image before her was already burned into her mind.  The leaves scurried across the freshly turned dirt like nails on a chalkboard.

    As thunder cracked the sky, Dakota looked up at the quickly incoming storm.  Kneeling down, Dakota reached out and touched the top of the dirt pile.  With her free hand, she reached in her boot and pulled out the knife she always kept there.

    It stuck slightly in the sheath until she gave it a firm tug.  The blade gleamed red from the stray beam of light in the sky.  

    Moving her hand, she thrust the blade into the mound of dirt where her hands had been only seconds ago.  Dakota held onto the hilt a minute longer before standing up.

    Standing there, she let the memories flash before her eyes.

    The swing set.

    The laughter.

    The blanket under the stars.

    The blue roses.

    The walk through the woods.

    The plans for the future.

    Memories that were now surrounded by a black cloud.

    Dakota turned as the first rain droplet hit her cheek.  As the woods turned to chaos around her, she let the fire build inside.

    Without looking back, Dakota whispered "I'll see you again Carson."

First submission. Not sure whether or not it will progress into a story, but it is something small for now.

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January 5, 2013
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